Travelling in Greece

Travel within Greece

The border-free Schengen area includes:







Czech Republic




















You must still show a valid ID card or when travelling to or from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom. Though part of the EU, these countries do not belong to the border-free Schengen area. Before travelling, check what documents you must have to travel outside your home country and to enter the non Schengen EU country you plan to visit.

Sample story

Lars is Swedish and holidaying in Spain. He took his ID card issued by a bank with him - in Sweden, it's accepted as proof of identity.

But Lars could get into trouble if the Spanish authorities want to check his identity, because the only valid ID documents they recognise are national ID cards and passports issued by the Swedish authorities.

What is a valid ID card/passport in your country?

Expired or lost passports

Under EU rules, all travellers (including infants) need a valid ID card or passport to travel.

But, if you have:

  • lost your passport or had it stolen
  • realised that your passport has expired

the EU countries have systems in place to deal with such cases.

It is, though, up to each EU country to decide whether and/or when it allows EU citizens to enter or exit their territory without a valid travel document.

See the current rules and information (where available) and/or visit the websites of the authorities of the country you are travelling both from and to :

Choose country

* Information not yet provided by national authorities

The European Commission is not responsible for the content of external websites.

As there are no EU rules on travelling without a valid travel document, conditions and procedures vary widely from country to country (and may change without notice). If you have already set off on your trip and:

  • you find yourself outside the EU, where your country does not have a consulate or embassy, you have the right to seek consular protection from any other EU country.

Bear in mind that, even where some countries allow you to leave or enter their territory without a valid travel document, you may still need to show one in countries you are transiting through.

Documents for minors

In addition to their own valid passport or ID card, all children travelling:

  • alone; or
  • with adults who are not their legal guardian; or
  • with only one parent

may need an extra (official) document signed by their parents, second parent or legal guardian(s) authorising them to travel.

There are no EU rules on this matter, each EU country decides whether or not it requires such documents. Check, before the child travels, the requirements of the country you are travelling both from and to:

The European Commission is not responsible for the content of external websites

Bear in mind that, even where a country does not require minors to carry such an authorisation to leave or enter its territory, other countries they transit through may still ask them to show one.

When travelling by air it is highly recommended that you check with the airlines beforehand as many require such authorisations and have their own specific forms for this purpose.

See also: Taking children abroad legally

Entry refusal

In very rare cases, an EU country can refuse entry to you or your family members for reasons of "public policy, public security or public health".

This means the authorities must prove you or your family members pose a "genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat".

You are entitled to receive this decision in writing, stating all the grounds, and specifying how you can appeal and by when.

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