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Why visit Athens?

Syntagma square_July 2015_editedThere has been a lot said about Athens lately. Probably you are thinking of whether you should finally visit the Greek capital this summer, what’s going on here and if you are going to face any difficulties during your stay in the city. Well, yes, it’s true: the situation in Athens and the whole country is challenging. Actually it’s very challenging. But this is only for Greeks and is no way related to you and your trip.

Visiting Athens this summer, you will realise that despite the crisis, there is nothing to disturb you from having a great time in the city.

Below are 10 reasons why you should visit Athens this summer:

1. Athens is safe.
Despite the admitted economic, political and social turbulence, the city is very peaceful. Do not expect to witness any violence or dangerous situations in the streets of Athens. Below is a picture of Syntagma square, the absolute downtown, taken this week. As you can see, nothing strange is going on.

metro_holargos-thumb-large2. There are no capital controls for tourists.
Despite the closed banks, you will have no issue with your cash withdrawals and money transactions. There are absolutely no restrictions or capital controls for tourists. Also, you will easily find ATMs without queues in very central locations, such as in the metro stations, for example.

3. All means of public transport work properly.
There are no cancellations, delays or other types of changes that could make you worry about your transportation in Athens and Greece in general. All means of transport operate properly. What’s more, for the period that the banks are closed, transportation in Athens is free of charge on the weekdays. “None evil pure good”, as ancient Greeks used to say.
Find all details about transportation in Athens .

acrop-600 4. All sights operate normally.
No changes on any aspect. Museums, exhibitions, temples, archaeological sites, they all keep their opening hours, admissions and activities as scheduled. Nothing to worry about.

5. Acropolis remains one of the monuments you need to see at least once in your life.
Athens presents a truly authentic version of culture, which means that the most important reasons to visit this city have nothing to do with and are not affected by the economy., being the most known example of Athens’ important historical and cultural assets, remains astonishingly beautiful and inspiring even with the banks closed.

Acropolis 6. The level of tourism services remains as high as always.
Greeks have relied economically on tourism and have been living a life with the country’s visitors for many decades now. Thus, not only have they developed very high capabilities in the hospitality industry, but the high level of services is considered to be given, is offered effortlessly and is not influenced by what happens in Greeks’ lives. In Athens you can expect to be served by cheerful people, who are there for you with a true sense of responsibility for your holidays.

7. There are plenty of cultural activities to enjoy.
Cultural life goes on with many acitivities to do and events to attend. A positive surprise coming out of the crisis is that since many Athenians do not have the opportunity to go out of the city for summer vacations, this year there are more live performances organized than ever before!

sun_edited 8. Athens offers the easiest and fastest connections with the Greek islands.
Greek islands are famous for being a top choice for summer vacations and this is independent of the economic situation of the country. The most recommended way to visit the islands and at the same time make the most out of your visit in Greece is to stay in Athens for a few days and head to one or more islands immediately before or after that. You can choose among planes, ferries or sailing boats, as Athens is perfectly connected with the whole country.

9. Forget the traffic jam and the hectically busy places!
Due to the shock in the economy, caused by the latest developments, Athenians don’t go out as much, making the city relatively quiet, with very few cars on the streets. Of course the cafés, bars and restaurants remain very lively, as this city simply cannot be emptied, but it’s not as crazy, which makes it perfect for your city break!

10. The sun keeps shining in the Athenian sky.
In or out of crisis, with or without capital controls, Greek summer remains just incomparable. Not much to say, you have to experience it yourself.

Athens is here waiting for you, beautiful, artistic and inpsiring. Get for free the best-ofs the city in your own Think Athens agenda.

Source: www.thinkathens.com
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